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No, okay, but Killian starts out all straight-laced and moral and all that. And Emma started out a thief, which is kind of the opposite of straight-laced and moral.

And then life happened, and Killian became a pirate, and Emma became a Savior/Sheriff.

[ … ] They are basically each other’s mirrors.


You’re nothing.


Me before social events

Come home.


hart of dixie season two ↦ zoe and wade

'You really put yourself out there, and I was so scared that it wouldn't work, you know, that we would have nothing in common, I kind of sabotaged it. But the thing that I realized was… It turns out that I like you, Wade Kinsella. I really like you. And who knows? Maybe there's a chance, you and I could be happy together. We'll never know unless we try. What I'm saying is that, would you maybe consider being my for-real, out-in-public, everyone-knows-about, actual boyfriend?'

'Everything that I have done since, everything that I want to do is to be that man you saw. I’m ready to be here for you in every way. And if you would even consider giving me another chance I’m ready. To be here for you in every way. I love you, Zoe Hart.'




Genderswap Fan Art by Sakimi Chan

Maleficent more like MAGNIFICENT



"We joke about the fact that we spend more time with each other than our girlfriends But it’s good when you have the relationship he and I have." _Jensen Ackles


actual five years old